First post!

Test post

This website will be used to publish information about the games I will be developing in the coming months. It uses the Jekyll version of this Bootstrap theme and it is published on Github Pages. I'm still getting used to it, but so far it seems simple enough. Hopefully it's going to work out.

Numeric elem A little guy from an under-development puzzle game.

The games pages is a bit bare for now, but I've added three games which will be hopefully released shortly. Weird One will be the first, this is a very simple game, I intend to use it to test the waters on the different app markets. CRCL will be a bit more elaborate, this one will also have a web version which will be available after the mobile release. And Numeric Nirvana is a puzzle game which will be in development for a bit longer but I thought I would use this to test the game pages on this website.